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A ginger cat peacefully sleeping on a comfy bed

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 2-20% of all cats have chronic kidney disease. That stat jumps to 30% for cats over the age of 10. One of the biggest factors in managing chronic kidney disease is controlling water consumption. Appropriate water consumption and hydration are key to keeping pets in their best, overall health. It can be difficult to encourage cats to consume an appropriate amount of water via drinking. Feeding a raw diet that is naturally rich in moisture is a great option for cats needing to increase hydration. The answer to the question “is raw food good for cats with kidney disease” is yes. Read on to learn why.

A grey striped cat with piercing green eyes licking its nose.

What is the best raw food for cats?

It’s important to feed a diet that is as clean as possible to your cat, especially when owners want to know “is raw food good for cats with kidney disease”. That’s why you should always choose high-quality meat sources, avoid by-products and rendered sources of protein. Our diets contain raw ingredients that are fit for human consumption (but we suggest you leave them for your favorite feline). These raw meats have not been cooked or rendered in any way, keeping the diet as close to their ancestral diet as possible.

Traditional commercial pet foods often contain preservatives, binders, and fillers that offer little health benefit. These ingredients cause additional and unnecessary strain to all organs, including the kidneys. Sticking to simple recipes, as close to their natural state as possible, is the way to go.

What raw foods can cats eat?

Simply put a diet free of additives. Many flavourings and preservatives are high in excess sodium. Sodium levels play a major role in managing and diagnosing chronic kidney disease. Excess sodium intake can impact kidney values and overall hydration. According to an article in Today’s Veterinary Nurse, reduced sodium intake is warranted to help sodium retention and oxidative stress.

The flavour in our recipes is naturally derived from the real meat and ingredients used in our formulas, meaning there is only Bold flavour and wholesome ingredients to feed your favourite feline with. Aside from the palatable flavour, our raw food for cats is a healthy option for a sugar, carbohydrate, and gluten-free option. If your cat is not currently on a raw diet, we’ve made a useful guide to transition your cat.

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A striped grey cat eating out of a pink bowl.

Is raw food good for cats with kidney disease?

The 3 most important aspects to be mindful of when your fluffier half is dealing with kidney disease are 1. Hydration 2. Protein content 3. Phosphate content. Raw food checks all three boxes.

Hydration is at the top of the list when your cat is dealing with kidney disease because they are more likely to become dehydrated due to their inability to conserve water by concentrating their urine. Raw food contains a lot of moisture so while on a raw diet, your cat will have an added source of hydration compared to dry food. The average moisture content in our raw recipes is 60-80% vs. kibble’s 6-12%.

As obligate carnivores, cats need species-appropriate proteins that are easily digestible. Proteins such as turkey and chicken are a safe choice for cats with kidney diseases. If you’re asking “is raw food good for cats with kidney disease”, we always advise talking with your holistic vet but a raw diet is the most palatable diet with benefits to help your pet thrive. Plus, with recipes formulated with no filler, our raw food makes it very easy for your cat’s digestion. Diets with low protein may cause your favorite feline to lose weight and when dealing with kidney disease that could worsen their health. We always advise checking with your holistic vet before switching your cat with kidney disease to a new diet.

Lastly, let’s talk about the phosphate content. High phosphate content in foods can complicate any kind of kidney disease in cats but with the right ratio of calcium: phosphorus ensures your cat’s wellbeing and health are thriving. One sure-fire way to make sure your cat’s diet has the right balance of macronutrients is ground bone mixed in with the muscle meat. Find the right fine grind of bone and meat-only patties in our Bold by Nature Cat line.

How much raw food for cats?

Every pet is different when it comes to feeding. Pay attention to your cat’s body weight and if you notice them gaining or losing weight consult your holistic vet or contact us directly. We’ve broken down the feeding guidelines from kittens to senior cats before, but you want to base their feeding on their ideal body weight. We always advise checking with your holistic vet before switching your cat with kidney disease to a new diet.

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