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Benefits of rotational feeding.

We have always had a strong belief in the benefits of rotational feeding. A more holistic approach to feeding your pets, rotational feeding is a means of switching up the variety of proteins that are fed over a period of time, in order to provide optimal nutrition. This means feeding meats like chicken, turkey, beef, pork and even duck on a regular basis. Providing a variety of meats can offer our beloved fur-family a lot of benefits.

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Bold (nutritional) rewards.

The primary benefit of rotational feeding is optimal nutrition. A broad array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids can be achieved by feeding a diet containing a variety of protein sources. Beef for example, is rich in iron, copper and manganese, while chicken is a good source of potassium, tryptophan and choline. Diversely feeding on a regular, rotating basis helps to provide dogs and cats with an abundance of nutrients.

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A dog with Bold by Nature Mega variety pack behind them and a food bowl full of raw pet food in front of them, vegetables and meat scattered around

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Allergy prevention.

Food allergies in pets can be frustrating to manage. These allergies can appear as excess scratching, ear infections, hair loss and even digestive upset. Fortunately, there is evidence from Dr. Karen Becker that protein rotation can help to prevent developmental allergies in animals. While most food allergies start at a young age, they can develop much later in life. Reducing long term exposure to one protein can help to discourage the development of these allergies. If you’re having a hard time figuring out your dog’s food allergies, try using our pure blends as an elimination diet.

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Serving variety & meal toppers.

We believe pet food should be real food and that means serving different meals. Rotating proteins helps to keep meals exciting. Try offering your pet our Mega Chicken in the morning and Select Beef in the evening. You can add supplements and other ingredients to your pet’s raw diets if you wish, as they can provide additional health benefits. Meal toppers are always a healthy way to add variety; beef tripe is a great supplement and contains a high amount of Omega fatty acids, including Omega- 3.

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