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From Bold classics to fresh new favourites, discover Bold by Nature raw recipes, supplements and treats that'll make every day for your pet a Bold one.

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  • From our original recipes to delicious treats, these raw dog food options are nothing to shake a paw at.

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  • From feline-friendly recipes to bowl-boosters, explore raw cat food options that are im-paw-sible to resist.

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A Bold new way to boost your pet's bowl.

Introducing Bold by Nature+ Supplements - a boost of benefits in your pet's bowl. These supplements improve overall wellness, promote a healthier coat, and more.

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Over 15 years of freshness.

We believe pets deserve a diet that keeps them healthy and thriving. That's why we offer premium raw pet food, treats, and supplements with recipes that have been developed over years of research and consultation, each filled with wholesome ingredients. Our recipes are produced without added processes, ensuring we set the bold standard in raw pet food.

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Premium raw pet
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As the leading producer of raw pet food in Canada, we offer retailers a variety of products and formulas to fit the many needs of their customers and fur-friends. 

From premium raw recipes in our Bold by Nature Select line to our more affordable, multiple pup-approved Mega line, we offer over 40 locally prepared recipes and treats. As our partner, we also provide friendly and professional raw food training and support. It’s better to go Bold.

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