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It is important to remember that feeding guidelines are not an exact science. Just like humans, every pet is different, and some require fewer or more calories per day. Use this as a guideline for your pet.

Our Recommendation.

Average adult pets: For average adult pets, we often recommend 2.5% of their ideal body weight.

Active adult pets: For active adult pets, we normally recommend 3% of their ideal body weight.

Underweight pets: For underweight pets, we recommend 3% of their ideal body weight.

Overweight pets: For overweight pets, we recommend 2% of their ideal body weight.

Senior Pets: For senior pets, we recommend 2% of their ideal body weight.


We typically recommend feeding puppies and kittens 2 – 2.5% of their estimated adult weight. If you are unsure of their estimated adult weight, we follow the guidelines below:

3 months old or younger – 8% of their current weight.

4 – 6 months – 6% of their current weight.

6-9 months – 4% of their current weight.

9+ months – 2.5% of their current weight.

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Bold Reminder.

We always recommend paying close attention to your pet’s body condition. If they start to lose or gain weight, adjust the amount accordingly. Feeding amounts may need to be adjusted as your pet gets older or during the winter months when they are not as active.

For further questions or help in determining how much your pet should be eating, feel free to contact us directly, we love raw talk!