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Meet Mega.

Bold by Nature Mega is our most affordable line of raw pet food making it great for big dogs and multiple dogs at home. Whether you have a Great Dane or three chihuahuas, they’ll love the high meat content and nutritious vegetable medley included in every recipe. Our Bold bonus: this line comes in easy to scoop-and-serve tubs and convenient proportioned 8oz patties.

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Bold Base Blends.

Our Bold by Nature Mega line also carries base blend patties in our signature recipes allowing you to customize your dog’s meals. These base blends are the first layer to the dog bowl, you can add in your pet’s favourite vegetables, supplements or tripe to make it a full meal.

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Signature Select.

Our signature blends in Bold by Nature Select are made up of about 70% meat, 15% green beef tripe, 10% ground bone and 5% organs. This line was formulated to provide your pet with a gluten and carbohydrate free raw option. Tripe comes with lots of benefits for your dog; helps with digestion, great for picky eaters, less poop to scoop, shinier coats and cleaner teeth.

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Cat Dish(es).

Bold by Nature Cat mimics the natural prey diet. It has meat, organs and ground bone to make every formula lick-the-cat-bowl-clean good. With a variety of protein flavours and every formula locally processed, our cat line is feline-approved.

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We make it easy to shop all of your dog and cat’s raw pet food needs.


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