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  • Three boxes of Bold by Nature Select

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    Our original recipe provides blends made with our signature green beef tripe, ground meat, triple ground bone and organ meats. Real flavour is served.

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  • Raw Cat Food

    Our signature cat recipes are formulated with wholesome ground meat, ground bone and organ meats, with no fruits or veggies. Our Cat line offers cats a gluten free, sugar free and carbohydrate free diet.

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  • Three boxes of Bold by Nature Mega against a yellow backdrop

    Mega Dog

    Our Bold by Nature Mega line is made of ground meat, ground bone and organ meats, a fresh vegetable medley, and kelp. Easy to thaw and even easier to enjoy, it’s an affordable raw solution for big dogs and multi-dog households.

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  • A box of Bold by Nature fish toppers against a pink backdrop

    Fish Toppers

    Add a natural boost to your pet’s bowl with our full-of-omega fatty acid fish toppers. This delicious, nutrient-packed addition is sure to garner paw-sitive reaction from your pet.

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  • A box of Bold by Nature green beef tripe against an orange backdrop


    Add Bold by Nature Tripe to your pet’s diet to help them absorb more nutrients and support their digestive systems. Beyond health benefits, tripe is an appetite stimulator – a great additive for picky pups.

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  • Supplements

    Let’s keep your pets thriving in more ways than just raw. Bold by Nature+ Supplements are a great addition to your pet’s bowl, helping improve overall wellness, promote healthier skin and coat, and more.

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    Bones & Treats for Dogs

    Shop freezer-ready, naturally delicious treats for your pup. From big to small dogs, and hard chewers to soft, give your furry friend a flavourful boost with a Bold by Nature bone or treat.

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    Treats for Cats

    Explore our selection of freezer-ready, naturally delicious treats for your cat. From full-grown felines to petite purr-ers, cats of all sizes will enjoy the great taste of a Bold by Nature treat.

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Why Raw?

We believe pet food should be food. Our recipes are designed to model the natural prey diet that cats and dogs would have eaten in the wild; full of meats and fresh veggies that are made without added processes and are unproblematic to their digestive systems.

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  • Improved cognitive function
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Shinier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Smaller stool

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Frequently Asked Questions

We live for this question. Get the raw facts by visiting our Why Raw section, The Bold Blog, or by contacting us to speak to a live Pets-pert.

Here’s the scoop. Although we do believe that feeding only a raw diet is best, if you still need to feed some kibble (due to budget or convenience), you can feed both kibble and raw food in separate meals. However, you shouldn’t mix the two! Kibble and raw should be served separately to avoid digestive upset.

We generally recommend only feeding raw, but if you’re not ready yet, you have a couple of options:

Feed one raw meal and one kibble meal per day.

Feed raw for several days, then feed kibble for several days.

We believe that some raw is better than no raw.

Tripe is the stomach of the cow, deer, sheep, or any other ruminant animal. Ruminant animals possess up to four stomach chambers where they break down and acquire nutrients from the food during digestion.

Dogs should be fed tripe in its purest form, a natural ‘green’ state, for it to be most beneficial. This means the tripe has not been denatured. For more info on the benefits of tripe, click here.

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