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Since the very beginning, green beef tripe has been a signature ingredient in all of our Bold by Nature Select recipes. Let’s dig into why we include this smelly yet highly nutritious ingredient in 10 of our products.

What is tripe?

Tripe is the stomach lining of a ruminating (grass-fed) animal. Our raw recipes use high quality, “green”  beef tripe. Our tripe has not been altered, processed or bleached in any way, ensuring it retains all of its beneficial nutrients. There is an abundance of health benefits linked to tripe that many pet owners aren’t aware of.

Bold benefits.

First and foremost, pets love it! The unique smell is very enticing to most dogs and many cats. This alone makes it an excellent appetite stimulant and a great meal substitute. Pets who get bored easily or pets who occasionally go “off” food, can’t resist the smell and taste of green beef tripe.

Tripe can also help support your pet’s digestive system because of its excellent nutrient breakdown. It’s rich in naturally occurring digestive enzymes and probiotics, making it a smart choice for pets with sensitive stomachs. It can also be a substitute for pets who can’t tolerate fish based fatty acids because it is rich in naturally occurring fatty acids. Additionally, the near perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio is the best choice for developing puppies.

Convenient and nutritional.

From promoting your pet’s wellbeing to getting picky eaters to finish their meal, our Bold by Nature tripe patties will be your best friend’s, best friend. Our 3oz patties can be added as a topper on everyday meals or fed frozen on warm summer days as a treat. Don’t feed raw? You can add our tripe patties to kibble too!

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