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Cost of raw food vs kibble

As pet owners, we want to give the best to our fluffier halves. From the comfiest beds to the Boldest swag to rock at the dog park, and even a full living room made for lounging. Your pet’s diet is one of the most important aspects of keeping them healthy and thriving. Our pets deserve it all, without breaking the bank so we’re breaking down the costs of raw dog food vs kibble and all the benefits of going raw.

Bowl of kibble with two paws

What is kibble?

First thing, first, what is kibble? Kibble is dry food made for pets with ingredients including meats, grains, and vegetables. Each kibble brand will have its own unique recipe formulated by the company. This recipe is handed off to a manufacturer who will mix, cook and bag the kibble.

Kibble’s ingredients will be mixed to form a dough consistency before it is cooked in hot water, a process called extrusion. After cooking the dough, it is forced through various shaped holes. This is when you will see kibble shaped like stars, pellets, triangles. The next step would be to dry the food out and finally be sprayed with fats, minerals, and vitamins.

What is raw dog food?

Just as it sounds, it’s a raw diet that consists of raw muscle meat, organ meats, ground bone, and vegetables safe for pets to digest. This type of diet is usually based on the natural prey model that dogs would have eaten in the wild.

Just like kibble, every food brand has its own recipes. Our two lines are Bold by Nature Mega and Bold by Nature Select. The two biggest differences between our lines are our recipes within our Mega line recipes include a nutritious vegetable medley while our Select recipes use green beef tripe. Both are full of flavor and promote healthy wellbeing for pets.

Our ingredients are carefully sourced and are human-grade level. After being mixed and sent to our patty-forming machines, they are sent through a one-of-a-kind process in Canada to be frozen and shipped through our temperature-controlled trucks.

Small dog eating out of bowl
shiba inu eating kibble

Cost of raw dog food vs kibble.

The cost of raw dog vs kibble can vary based on the brand of either. We’ve taken our Mega line to compare to the average prices of kibble. This line is made specifically as an affordable premium raw dog food and is a great option with multi-dog households or larger dogs.

The Bold math:
Here is an example for a 40lb dog.

The Pack: Chicken Variety
24 lbs of food with the option of 3 proteins in one box.
$95.00 + per month.

Premium Dog Kibble
$60 + per month

The cost of feeding raw can vary depending on your pet. Allergies and specific medical needs can vary the price of your pet’s raw diet. While the cost of raw dog food vs kibble looks to be higher upfront, the benefits come from wholesome ingredients created in the recipes. We can’t speak for other brands but our recipes only use human-grade ingredients, wholesome ingredients, and no added processing. This ensures your dog gets the full benefits of its raw diet.

What are the benefits of raw food for dogs?

There are so many benefits of feeding your pet a raw diet beyond a licked-clean bowl. Rotating your proteins is a Bold benefit. With a raw diet, you’re able to change the proteins that your pets are digesting with every meal. Not only does this keep them interested in their food but it also helps ensure that they are getting all the nutrients needed in their diet. Kibble doesn’t allow for those same Bold benefits.

The benefits of raw are long. Raw gives your pets the natural essentials for pets that thrive. Those benefits include improved cognitive function, fresher breath, whiter teeth, smaller poops, and a shinier coat.

Read about BOLD benefits here

Big dog giving paw
Two dogs getting a treat

Can I mix raw food with kibble?

We might have a Bold bias but we think raw is the way to go. Alternatively, we believe that some raw food is better than none. If you’re feeding your pet’s kibble and want to add raw food into their meal mix, feed kibble, and raw food at separate times.

Transitioning your fluffier half to a raw diet is not as complicated as it sounds. We always recommended going cold turkey, no pun intended. If you’re concerned about digestion issues, we recommend fasting your pet for 24 hours before feeding raw. This allows food to be completely digested and emptied from its digestional tract. When ready to switch, try our Bold by Nature Select Turkey recipe. Our Select line is our signature recipe made specially to be gluten, and carbohydrate-free option with the bonus of green beef tripe. This is great for helping with your pet’s digestion, immunity, and mood.