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What is hyperthyroid disease in cats?

Before we can help you decide on a raw diet that’s good for your cat with hyperthyroidism, let’s first help you fully understand what it is! According to Cornell Feline Health Center, hyperthyroidism, or thyrotoxicosis, is a common disease in cats that affects those that are middle-aged or older. It is triggered by the overproduction of the thyroid hormone, which helps control the body’s metabolism. It can be diagnosed by a physical exam where vets will typically check for swollen glands. Other times, tests include blood work, urine samples, and in some cases, an ultrasound.

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What are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats?

There are several symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats. These include:

  • Weakness/fatigue 
  • Increased thirst
  • Behavioral changes 
  • Vomiting 
  • Digestive upset 
  • Increased appetite 
  • Weight loss 
  • Unkempt, matted, or greasy coat reports that eventually heart and kidney disease can develop if these symptoms are not looked after. If your cat is experiencing any of these signs, please contact your holistic vet and have your furry friend looked at!

How to treat hyperthyroidism in cats.

If you suspect your cat is suffering from hyperthyroidism, bring them to your vet for a check-up. They will conduct a physical exam and search your cat’s neck for an enlarged thyroid gland. They may also do blood work, take urine samples, or perform an ultrasound. 

Once hyperthyroidism is diagnosed, medication is prescribed, such as antithyroid drugs. The medication can come in a pill form, which can be taken with some food. In other cases, medications also come in a cream which will typically be applied to your cat’s skin.


What are the benefits of a raw food diet for cats with hyperthyroidism?

There are many benefits of a raw food diet for cats with hyperthyroidism. The first is an increased amount of protein in their meals. Cats who suffer from hyperthyroidism tend to experience weight loss and the additional protein can help maintain a restorative weight and provide overall health benefits. 

Many holistic veterinarians agree that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates can help reduce the risk of hyperthyroidism. Our formulas contain limited ingredients and are also low glycemic, which may make them a great choice for cats with hypothyroidism.

Since cats who suffer from hyperthyroidism tend to experience digestive upset and weight loss, a raw food diet may make a great addition to their lifestyle. It’s typically easier on the stomach and does not contain filler. Consuming food that is far more digestible means it is easier for your cat to absorb the nutrients in its food, promoting better overall weight and body condition. 

A raw food diet also contains no synthetic vitamins, minerals, or preservatives. Our formulas are simple and free of excess additives and may help to reduce the symptoms of hyperthyroidism in cats. Keeping the diet as simple as possible with only meat, bone, and organ makes this easier to manage. 

Dehydration, increased thirst, and higher urine output are also signs of hyperthyroidism, making water intake very important. Raw food is high and naturally rich in moisture and is an excellent way to ensure cats are getting an appropriate amount of water.

It is also recommended that cats who have hyperthyroidism avoid fish-based diets, as some fish contain high amounts of iodine, a contributing factor in the disease. While we do carry nutritious fish toppers, we recommend feeding your feline our fish-free Bold by Nature raw cat food formulas instead.

Not only may a raw food diet be beneficial for cats with hyperthyroidism, but it could potentially be a great option for cats with kidney disease, too.

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What should cats with hyperthyroidism avoid?

According to, if your cat has hyperthyroidism, it may be best to avoid:

  • Foods containing soy
  • BPA-lined food cans
  • Water, and food bowls made out of plastic (consider replacing it with ceramic, glass, or metal)
  • Fish
  • Storing food in plastic containers

What Bold by Nature formulas is best for a cat with hyperthyroidism?

Our Bold by Nature raw cat food formulas are gluten-free, sugar-free, and carbohydrate free, making each one a great choice for cats with hyperthyroidism. From Beef for Cats to Duck for Cats, there’s a formula out there for all felines. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to feed your cat raw food, you can learn more about the benefits of Should I feed my cat raw food?

Remember to speak with your holistic veterinarian when switching your cat with hyperthyroidism to a new diet.