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A kitten standing on its hind legs looking up.
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What is a raw food diet for cats?

So you’ve found yourself asking “should I feed my cat raw food?” A raw food diet for cats means their food is made up of raw muscle meat, organ meats and ground bone. Unlike our raw dog food, we don’t add any vegetables to our cat formulas making them gluten free, sugar free, and carbohydrate free. We’ve even broken down what the best raw food for cats looks like.

Benefits of a raw food diet for cats.

According to Dr. Joanna Woodnutt, here are the benefits of raw food for cats:

  • It’s a more natural approach versus dry or wet food.
  • Raw diets have a higher moisture content making it an ideal diet for cats, as they often suffer from kidney disease.
  • Fewer urinary concerns.
  • Less poop to scoop.
  • Can help with allergies

Additionally cats are obligate carnivores so raw proteins are easier to digest all the while helping your cat’s dental hygiene and adding Bold flavour to their bowl.

A cat getting a bowl of raw meat to eat.
A ginger cat looking up at its owner's hand above it.

What is a raw food diet for cats?

Although we have a Bold bias, we know not all raw food recipes are made the same. While we can’t speak on behalf of other raw brands, we have seen how our own family pets thrive and have received numerous DMs and reviews mentioning their cat’s improved health after Bold by Nature raw pet food.

Each of our Bold by Nature raw recipes are formulated with wholesome ingredients such as ground meat, organ meats and ground bone. We don’t include any fruits or vegetables making these recipes gluten free, sugar free and carbohydrate free. Our patties are also one-of-a-kind in Canada. We are the only raw pet food brand who uses a special freezing technology in Canada. Our freeze tunnel technology can freeze our patties in less than 10 minutes, preserving the Fresh flavour your pets love and reducing the risk of bacteria growth.

Is a raw food diet for cats balanced?

When it comes to raw feeding, it is imperative to remember the importance of variety and protein rotation. We have always had a strong belief in the benefits of rotational feeding. A more holistic approach to feeding your pets, rotational feeding is a means of switching up the variety of proteins that are fed over a period of time, in order to provide optimal nutrition. This means feeding meats like chicken, turkey, beef, pork and even duck on a regular basis. Providing a variety of meats can offer our favourite felines a lot of benefits. The primary benefit of rotational feeding is optimal nutrition. A broad array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids can be achieved by feeding a diet containing a variety of protein sources. Beef, for example, is rich in iron, copper and manganese, while chicken is a good source of potassium, tryptophan and choline. Diversely feeding on a regular, rotating basis helps your cats with an abundance of nutrients.

Additionally, we have added extra organ meats to our Bold by Nature Cat line. Organ meats are an excellent source of taurine, an amino acid crucial for normal digestion, vision and heart muscle function. Every cat’s dietary needs will be different. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A ginger cat being stroked.
A grey kitten with striking green eyes.

How to prepare a raw food diet for cats at home.

If your first answer to the question” should I feed my cat raw food” is homemade we would strongly suggest doing all your research before delving into homemade raw diets. Prepping your cat’s raw food at home is a time consuming process. From the research, to ensuring all of your cat’s dietary needs are met through the right vitamins and minerals takes time and patience. Pets Web MD has a great guide to at-home prep. When creating your pet’s raw food at home, we also highly recommend rotating your cat’s proteins.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for simplicity and ease our raw recipes come in easy to serve packs. It’s as easy as thaw, peel open and serve. Seriously. It’s that easy.


Should I feed my cat raw food?

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. We’ve got a Bold bias. We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of a raw diet and how it can truly help your cat thrive. Every cat’s dietary needs are different but a raw diet is much more palatable for our favourite  felines and as cats are obligate carnivores, a raw diet makes the most sense.


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