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What are the 4 benefits of raw beef bones for dogs?

Terrific teeth.

Who needs a toothbrush when you have a raw beef bone? Raw bones help keep your dog’s pearly whites sparkly clean. Through the process of chewing, plaque is removed from the teeth, helping your dog’s smile shine. This is a quick and efficient way to keep their gums healthy without lifting a finger (or a paw).

Say goodbye to boredom.

You’ve probably seen a dog go to town on a stick or toy. This is because dogs are natural “chewers” and offering them a bone can provide important mental stimulation. Like us, dogs are sensitive to boredom, and a raw beef bone is a great way to keep their mind busy. According to, chewing on a raw beef bone can also deter them from munching on things around the house, like furniture, your favourite pair of shoes, and more.

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A beautiful coat.

Raw beef bones are jam-packed with nutrients and minerals like collagen that can help benefit your dog’s skin and coat. You can even use a raw beef bone to make a healthy, nutritional broth to use as a topper, supplement, or treat. Just make sure to dispose of the bone after making the broth, as a cooked bone is brittle and no longer safe to chew.


Raw beef bones are all natural.

If you’re worried about what goes into your dog’s treats, a raw beef bone is a chew-tastic choice for your furry friend. They contain no preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colours. What you see is what you (and your dog) get!

Dog holding bone

The dos and don’ts of feeding raw beef bones to dogs.

DO ensure you’re supervising at all times when feeding a raw bone.

DO get an appropriately sized bone for your dog. Make sure it is big enough that they can’t swallow it whole. A raw meaty bone, like a chicken foot, is edible and safe to consume while a recreational bone like a beef marrow bone is recreational and meant for mental stimulation, jaw exercise, and dental health.

DO allow your dog to gnaw the raw beef bone, but do not allow them to consume the entire thing. Once the bone has been relieved of all its meat and Bold flavour, take it away and throw it out.

DON’T cook the bone as it can splinter and do damage to your dog’s insides.

DON’T give raw bones to your dogs that are experiencing dental issues without getting the green light from your holistic vet first.

What kind of raw beef bones does Bold by Nature carry?

From big dogs to small ones, and from tough chewers to gentle ones, Bold by Nature carries raw bones for all. As far as our raw beef bones go, we recommend the beef marrow bones or beef knuckles. You can serve these right out of the freezer, but make sure to dispose of them when they become too small.

To answer the question “are raw beef bones safe for dogs”: yes, they are, but please remember to follow these tips and tricks when feeding them! If you’d like to find out more about raw meaty bones and recreational bones, check out The Benefits of Raw Bones for dogs.