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With October being Pet Wellness Month, what better way to kick off the month than brain games for your animals:

Licky Mat.

Licky mats have become very popular over the years. These mats were designed to act as a slow feeder and can be used to help distract pets in many situations such as daily grooming. Spread your pet’s fave snack (or raw recipe) on the mat and attach the mat to a smooth surface. It’s a two-in-one, you can get the nail trimming done while your pet has a healthy treat.

Snuffle mats.

Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is between 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger than a human? Snuffle mats are perfect for getting your pup to use their nose. Hide some treats inside the mat and watch your pup use their nose to fish them out.

Stuffable toys.

These toys are designed to give your pup a workout– physically and mentally.  Try filling these toys with your dog’s favourite raw recipes to truly help them thrive and then freeze.  

Bold bonus: Offer this to your puppy while working on their crate training, it’s a great way to keep their mind busy while you are doing work around the house.

Puzzle games.

 Puzzle games are a fun interactive toy that encourages your furry BFF to use their nose to seek out treats. Introduce a puzzle game, especially on those rainy days when playing outside is not an option. There are many different puzzles available, with different experience levels.


Raw bones.

Raw bones are a great way to mentally stimulate your dog or cat. Chewing on bones is a natural way to pass the time and will also provide a nice clean smile.  Dogs and cats are natural predators and need mental stimulation in order to live a happy, fulfilled life.