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Better oral hygiene leads to better overall wellness and longevity in our favourite four-legged friends. While we believe that diets like ours(those that are high in fresh meats and low in carbohydrates) are the simplest way to see improvement in dental health, we strongly encourage pet owners to introduce raw bone as an additional positive measure.

Bare Bones.

Raw bones come in two varieties, Raw Meaty Bones(RMBs) and recreational bones. Raw Meaty Bones are bones that are covered in thick layers of muscle and connective tissue, think turkey necks, chicken necks, and chicken feet. In the wild, dogs, cats and even ferrets require bones to provide nutrients crucial to overall health which is why we include RMBs in our recipes.


Down To The (Recreational) Bone.

Recreational bones are generalized as weight-bearing bones found in the legs of large, grazing animals like cows, deer and sheep. Examples of Recreational bones include bones like beef knuckles and beef marrow bones. RMB’s are meant to be fed in situations where the animal may consume the entire bone, whereas recreational bones are meant to only be chewed on and not entirely consumed. Recreational bones are perfect for keeping pets entertained for long periods of time.


Both types of bones provide crucial oral and mental stimulation. So take out a delicious freezer-ready treat and let them chew on it while you WFH. When feeding any bone, it is vital to always supervise your pet while they enjoy.