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A small ginger Chihuahua sitting on top of a Bold by Nature box.
Raw dog food being processed.

Frozen raw dog food.

Your fluffier’s half raw meals will come frozen in a patty form and ready to thaw for consumption. These patties have been mixed and formulated in our state-of-the art facility’s kitchen with wholesome ingredients to create one easy to serve patty that’s even easier to enjoy by your pets. Depending on which recipe you are feeding your dog, veggies may be included in the recipe, or tripe, but we always use meat, organ meats and a ground bone to add flavour and health benefits to your canine’s bowl. Buying your dog’s raw food pre-made and frozen is easier and cheaper according to Dog Food Guide. We’ve already done the grinding, mixing and packaging. Think of all the times you may have meal prepped yourself. Why spend hours in the kitchen when there are affordable options crafted by experts in the field!

Before we dive into “how long can frozen raw dog food sit out?” it’s important to know our raw recipes are good in the freezer until the expiry date. Our products all come with a one-year expiry.

Is frozen raw dog food safe?

When frozen raw food is handled correctly, it is safe for your dogs. A very popular question with our recipes is “how long can frozen raw dog food sit out?” We recommend thawing before serving. Thawing can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to completely thaw but we always recommend thawing in the fridge. You wouldn’t want your dog’s meal to spoil by letting it thaw on the counter for a day. And yes, because we don’t add any fillers or added processing, our raw recipes can spoil if not refrigerated, just like the meat you buy for yourself.

From sourcing the wholesome ingredients to delivering raw recipes to your Bold retailers, we take every every step with precaution to ensure you’r filling the food bowl with safe, Bold flavoured recipes. We are the only raw pet food brand that uses a specific freeze tunnel technology to quickly freeze patties to preserve their freshness and integrity. After patties are frozen they are vacuum sealed in their convenient tear apart pouches and packaged for delivery in our temperature controlled trucks.

A ginger Labrador running on the beach.
Various raw meat options arranged in the shape of the Bold by Nature logo.

How to cut frozen raw dog food.

We offer our products in convenient patties so there’s no fuss around cutting up raw food. Depending on our feeding guidelines and your pet, you can portion out thawed patties. No need to physically cut the patty, as it is easily breakable when it thaws. Always be sure to thoroughly wash all utensils and surfaces with hot soapy water. Store unused patties in the fridge for up to three days.

How to serve frozen raw dog food.

We recommend thawing our products in the fridge before serving and Pet MD would agree. So how long can frozen raw dog food sit out? The thawing process typically takes around 12 – 24 hours in the fridge.
After thawing our Bold flavoured recipes simply serve in their food bowl and try adding our Tripe patties or Fish Toppers for added flavour and health benefits.

A puppy eating raw dog food.
Raw dog food in dog feeders.

How long can frozen raw dog food sit out?

We do not recommend leaving thawed raw food out for longer than 15 minutes. If your pet does not eat right away, you can offer them the food a little later. We also do not recommend leaving frozen raw food out of the fridge to thaw. Once food has thawed it is good for up to three days in your fridge.

Best frozen raw dog food to look for.

We have a Bold bias, but we’d say Bold by Nature is top of the list. Our raw recipes are crafted to put more than just flavour in your fluffier half’s food bowl. Each wholesome ingredient is added to help your pet thrive, naturally. We’ve been formulating our recipes since 2005 after our founder Caroline Bolduc was looking for an alternative option for her late German Shepherd Lola. Lola was diagnosed with a serious pancreatic condition so through extensive research and guidance from holistic vets, she created our signature recipe, Bold by Nature Select.

When looking for raw dog food brands always do your research. Ensure their ingredients are human grade and are as processed as little as possible. Any good raw dog food brand will also have an expert team to answer all of your questions.

A black and white dog surrounded by fresh meat and vegetables on a yellow background.