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The many health benefits of raw dog food.

Over the years, raw food diets for pets have become increasingly popular. From better joint health to a shinier-looking coat, there are many benefits that come with making the change to raw.

Although controversial to some, a raw food diet is loaded with benefits, and its success is built on authentic, personal experiences. Bold by Nature is proud to provide your four-legged companions with healthy raw recipes that help them thrive and grow. Let’s dig into all the benefits below!

A great coat is always in season.

If people can have a skincare routine, why shouldn’t our pets be able to have a healthy-looking coat and skin, too? Raw diets contain omega-3 fatty acids which help support healthy skin and a beautiful coat. On top of that, it’s great for dogs with allergies or inflammatory skin diseases. The collagen found in a raw food diet helps give a dog’s skin its elasticity. When a healthy collagen level is met, dogs will shed and itch less and have a shinier coat to boot. 

According to a survey done by BMC Veterinary Research, a shinier coat was reported to be one of the most common health benefits of raw dog food!

A dog with a beautiful coat.
Puppy running.

Raw food and joint health? Connected at the bone.

What’s a better way to support your pet’s bones than with bones? The bones found in raw food contain glucosamine – a natural compound in the body. Glucosamine is beneficial to joint health and helps keep cartilage in tip-top shape so your pets can run and play with ease. The crushed bones in a raw diet are also natural sources of calcium, phosphorus, chondroitin, and collagen – all integral to maintaining great joint and bone health in your pet.

A good immune system is a strong one.

You may have seen your dog eat something random off the ground or drink from a questionable puddle. Well lucky for them, they have a strong immune system to fight off any ingested bacteria. A raw food diet provides them with natural immune-boosting ingredients to keep their systems thriving.

Raw meat provides high-quality and easily digestible protein, which in turn brings about good health and immunity. It’s also an excellent source of essential fats, vitamins, and minerals – things that are limited in heavily processed products.

Two dogs getting a treat
Dog smiling

A benefit worth smiling about.

Another one of the great health benefits of raw dog food is the free dental work it provides. While there are alternatives for cleaning a dog’s teeth, like toothpaste or water and food additives, they might not love these methods. Instead, you can treat them to a raw bone! This has been the natural way for dogs to keep their teeth strong and healthy for ages. Chewing a bone also prevents plaque build-up. It’s the easiest way to keep their gums nice and healthy. Lastly, it’s a common myth that dog’s can’t digest any bone. The fact is, they actually can. Pet nutrition enthusiast Krystn Janisse says this is thanks to a dog’s acidic stomach. If you want to learn more, you can read all about raw bones at The Benefits of Raw Bones for dogs.

In addition to raw bones, green beef tripe is also an excellent way to keep your dog’s pearly whites sparkling! Considered the “toothbrush of meats”, green beef tripe helps naturally floss and stimulate your dog’s gums while ridding the plaque from the tooth enamel. Learn more about the wonderful world of tripe at What are the benefits of tripe for dogs?

Good dogs. Great guts.

Raw diets are made up of natural, unprocessed, highly digestible ingredients and nutrients, meaning more are absorbed and less comes out. Carbohydrates and other fillers that are normally found in a kibble diet take longer to digest and as a result are not fully absorbed by your dog. The crushed bone found in a raw diet also helps to firm up stool. 

Our Bold by Nature Select diets contain green beef tripe, an ingredient that is loaded with digestive enzymes to assist your pet’s gut after a meal.


Two people petting a black and brown dog.

B.O, B-Gone.

Sometimes a stinky dog is inevitable, but if the smell can be lessened, why not try? Our raw recipes contain low glycemic ingredients that help reduce yeast growth; something that promotes foul body odor.

Energy levels on the rise.

Is your dog tipping the scales or looking like it could use a few extra pounds? A raw food diet is a great way to manage your dog’s weight and help improve their energy levels. Raw food is easier for your dog to digest, making them feel better and helping them get around common issues like digestive upset. Reduced sugars in our recipes also help avoid packing on the extra pounds. Some pet owners have even noted that feeding raw helps avoid old-age issues.

Energy levels on the rise.
Active dog out for a walk.

Who needs a gym when you have raw?

A raw food diet provides your dog with many proteins. The amino acids found in these proteins promote muscular strength, growth, and physique. Our raw recipes contain low glycemic ingredients, no unnecessary calories, and help your dog reach a healthier weight by losing the excess or gaining what’s needed.

Like music to our dog’s ears.

As previously stated, our raw recipes contain low glycemic ingredients. It has been reported that this helps reduce yeast growth, which is a major contributor to ear infections in dogs.

Do standing with owner
Golden retriever waiting for dinner.

Fewer allergies? Yes, please!

Just like ours, your pet’s immune system will sound the alarms when in contact with certain allergens! Dogs are especially prone to allergic reactions, as 75% of their immune system is located within their digestive tract. We’re proud to provide raw food diets that are simple and natural, consisting of only meat, bone, organs, and in some recipes, a small inclusion of low glycemic vegetables. If an allergic reaction breaks out, this makes it very easy to narrow down the culprit allergen.

Have any more questions?

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about the benefits of a raw food diet for dogs, but if you have any more questions we’d be happy to chat!

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