Our Bold by Nature Select line is our signature blend of raw food for dogs. It is made from natural ‘green’ tripe, ground meat and bones, organ meat, and kelp. The tripe is sourced from 100 % Canadian cows.

The ratio of Select is 70% meat, 15% beef tripe, 10% bone and 5% organs.

The idea behind Bold by Nature Select was to model the natural prey diet of a cat or a dog, using tripe to add omega oils, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to encourage a healthy stomach.

Our Select Raw blends were also designed to provide a carbohydrate free raw diet option. The blend contains no fruits or veggies, which is great for pets with diabetes, yeast issues, or weight problems. It is also gluten free!

When we started feeding the blend, there were immediate, positive effects for our dogs’ health — from the youngest pups to the senior pack members. Here are the benefits that we discovered:

  • Well-formed stools & much less to clean up
  • Better digestion due to natural probiotics found in tripe
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Improved quality of coat & fur
  • Better appetite from picky eaters

The Bold by Nature Mega line was created to provide an affordable raw food option for families with bigger dogs or multi-dog households.

The ratios of Bold by Nature Mega are 78% meat, 10% bone, 7% vegetable blend and 5% organs.

Our Bold by Nature Mega line stays true to the dietary philosophy of Bold by Nature Select, aiming to model the natural prey diet and provide a reduced carbohydrate  option.

The difference in Mega Dog Raw is that nutritious, farm-fresh vegetables have replaced the tripe to meet the portion needs of a bigger dog at a more economical price point. The blend still contains a low vegetable content (7%) compared to similarly-priced options.

Here are some of the other reasons to feed Bold by Nature Mega:

  • Easy to scoop-and-serve tub format or convenient pre-portioned 8oz patties
  • Tub reseals to prevent leaks in the fridge
  • Nutritious veggies, no filler content
  • Dogs love it — thanks to the high meat content

Yes, you can feed both at any time. Pets need variety in their diets and bowls, just like humans. We recommend that you rotate proteins and recipes on a regular basis, as this will improve your pet’s health in the long term.

Our Bold By Nature Mega Base Blends are the perfect option for pet owners who create their own raw pet food mix. We have three Base Blend offerings: Mega Blend, Pure Pork, and Pure Duck. These blends are not balanced as they do not contain vegetables or kelp.

To balanced the diet, they should be supplemented with any of the following:

  • Tripe
  • Vegetables
  • Other supplements

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to properly feed your pet with our Bold by Nature Base Blends.

Here’s the scoop. Although we do believe that feeding only a raw diet is best, if you still need to feed some kibble (due to budget or convenience), you can feed both kibble and raw food in separate meals. However, you should never mix the two together! Kibble and raw should be fed separately as they are digested differently by both dogs and cats.

We generally recommend only feeding raw, but if you’re not ready yet, you have a couple of options:

  1. Feed one raw meal and one kibble meal per day.
  2. Feed raw for several days, then feed kibble for several days.

We believe that some raw is better than no raw!

We live for this question. Get the raw facts by visiting our Why Raw section, The Bold Blog or by contacting us to speak to a live Pets-pert.

We've made this pet-owner proof. Simply use of quick and easy Feeding Calculator to find out the specific feeding recommendations for your pet.

This is not uncommon! Most cats need a bit of time to make the switch.

If your cat does not take to raw right away, mix the raw blend with canned cat food. For example, start with ¼ raw food and ¾ canned food. Gradually reduce the canned food until you are feeding an entirely raw diet. Every cat is different — be patient as this can be a lengthy process!

Contact us if you need help switching your cat to raw.

Tripe can be fed as a supplement to complement any diet. For more information on the natural benefits of tripe, click here.

Tripe is the stomach of a cow, deer, sheep, or any other ruminant animal. Ruminant animals possess up to four stomach chambers where they break down and acquire nutrients from their food during digestion.

Dogs should be fed tripe in its purest form, a natural 'green' state, for it to be most beneficial. This means the tripe has not been denatured. For more info on the benefits of tripe, click here.

Tripe is an amazing nutritional food for your pet, especially when served in its natural 'green' state. It will help with brain function, heart function, skin and coat quality, and, most importantly digestion!

Here are some facts about our Bold by Nature natural 'green' tripe:

  1. It contains a high amount of omega fatty acids, including omega 3. Tripe serves as a great alternative to omega 3 options, such as fish oil.
  2. It is high in fibre because it contains grasses from the cow's diet.
  3. It is high in Vitamin B complex, which supports brain function, heart function, skin health, coat health and more.
  4. It contains many healthy probiotics, naturally occurring bacterium that aid in digestion.

Our Bold by Nature tripe is the go-to food for picky eaters. Put 1/2 - 1 x 3 ounce patty of green beef tripe in any meal and your dog will eat it.

Our tripe is made from the stomachs of Canadian cows. We have sourced our tripe from government-inspected facilities that pass safety standards required for human consumption.

Similar to our Bold by Nature Tripe, our meat passes strict safety inspections for human consumption and is only sourced from government-inspected facilities that meet these same safety standards.

The majority of our meats come from local Canadian farms. Even our kelp comes from Atlantic Canada! Here is a list of our local farmers and processors:

- Sargent Farms , Fresh chicken delivered weekly from Milton Ontario

- Conestoga Pork, Fresh pork delivered weekly from Cambridge Ontario

- Highland Farms , Fresh and frozen beef delivered weekly from Stoney creek Ontario

- Norpac , fresh tripe picked up weekly from Woolwich Ontario

- Abate Packers, Fresh & forzen rabbits delivered weekly from Arthur Ontario

Because we have our secret ingredient, tripe! Tripe contains all of the nutrition that fruits and veggies normally supply. This includes antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fibre from grasses in the cow’s stomach. The bonus is that tripe is also rich in probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. A tripe-based blend offers a nutritionally complete raw diet for pets, all from one basic ingredient.

Not all raw diets are created equal. Here at Bold by Nature, we take food safety very seriously. We follow a strict food safety program (HACCP) to reduce the risk from pathogens. All our meats are sourced from government-inspected, certified facilities that pass safety standards required for human consumption. Each finished formula must pass strict quality control protocols before shipping.

Dogs have a much higher tolerance to bacteria than humans. Think about all the times that you have seen your dog sticking their nose in dirty things, drinking out of puddles or eating stuff off the ground!

Dogs have three things that help them deal with harmful bacteria:

  1. Saliva that contains bacteria-fighting enzymes.
  2. Highly acidic gastric juices that break down bacteria in their stomach.
  3. A short digestive tract that is able to quickly process what they eat.

Your dog can handle a certain amount of bacteria without any issue. Any high quality commercial raw pet food should be no problem, but it’s important to avoid raw pet food that people make cheaply or sell out of their homes. Remember that not all raw diets are created equal.

Very rarely does switching to a raw pet food diet cause diarrhea. This is very uncommon. In most cases, a raw pet food diet will lead to firmer, more consistent poops within 24 hours. Your poop bags will thank you.

Yes, you can view a nutritional analysis for each Bold by Nature product by browsing our specific product pages.

Remember, not all raw is created equal. By remaining true to the Bold standard, we lead the pack in the raw pet food category. Our Bold by Nature Select line is more expensive than other raw food brands mainly because of our natural green tripe content and how much is in each formula. Both our Select and Mega lines use high-end cuts of meat in larger quantities than other brands, which contributes to the costs as well.

Our philosophy is to source meats we’d serve ourselves. If you were buying meat for yourself, you wouldn’t trust a cut of chicken or beef that cost $1 per lb. Don’t treat your pet any differently!

If you’re looking for more information on making the Bold switch to better, contact us today. Our Pets-perts are waiting.

If your retailer does not carry Bold by Nature, please send us an email and we can reach out to them. Most retailers will order a product if a customer asks for it.

Supplements are used for a variety of reasons, each with their own benefits. They can improve overall wellness and assist your pet in different areas of their lives. Learn more about them on our Supplements page.

Made with locally sourced ingredients, our new pet health supplements have been formulated to improve overall pet wellness, promote a healthier coat, and more.

Our rule of thumb -- always check with your veterinarian if your pet is on medication. For example, our Slippery Elm can sometimes change how medication is absorbed in the digestive tract. So, it isn’t always recommended for use with some medications. It is also important to note that some of our Bold by Nature+ Supplements can be used on a regular basis, like the Green Lipped Mussel. Others are to be used on a temporary basis. Please read directions on label for more information.

Yes, we do not carry separate dog supplements or cat supplements. Our supplements are perfectly safe for your cats and dogs to use and we’re sure they’ll appreciate the extra tastes! Please read directions on label for more information!