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Young animals need strong immune system. They are going through a stressful stage including; rapid growth; weaning from mom; new sights and sounds vaccinations; and the stress of moving to a new home. Providing them a species appropriate diet is the natural support they need.

Starting your puppy off on the right paw.

Transitioning puppies to raw is pretty easy. We always recommend starting your puppy off with a “cold turkey” approach – Do not mix kibble and raw food in the same bowl. During this period, we suggest offering smaller, more frequent meats throughout the day.

Keep it simple.

During the transition period, we suggest offering your puppy one protein source. Turkey is a great option to start with, as it is very lean and easy to digest. Offer the starter protein to your new best friend for 1-2 weeks before offering another protein source.


How much to feed.

Determining how much your puppy should be eating can be a little difficult, but we’re here to make your journey to raw easy. Read our blog on feeding amounts for more information.


Calcium to phosphorus ratios.

One thing to keep in mind for your growing puppy, is the importance of calcium to phosphorus ratios. We always suggest adding green beef tripe to your puppies meal. Along with many other great health benefits, tripe has a nearly perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio, which is ideal for growing puppies.

Our raw recipes use high quality, green beef tripe which means it has not been altered, process or bleached in any way, ensuring it retains all of its beneficial nutrients. There is an abundance of health benefits linked to tripe that many pet owners aren’t aware of.

Find green beef tripe in all of our Select recipes, Mega Beef recipe and Mega Blend recipes or boost your puppies meal with green beef tripe patties.


Care for bacteria.

When considering the risks of a raw food diet, remember that the same risks are present when you handle raw meat from the grocery store. Follow these guidelines to avoid contamination:

  • Don’t leave your raw pet food unrefrigerated 
  • Clean your surfaces, utensils and bowls properly with hot soapy water after feeding. 
  • Don’t let your puppy lick your face after eating(we’d say the same thing for kibble fed dogs) 

Bacteria is all around us, think about all the times you have seen your dog sticking their nose in dirty things, drinking out of puddles, or eating stuff off the ground. Just like adult dogs, puppies are capable of handling a certain amount of bacteria.

If you’ve still got Q’s about your puppy on a raw diet, reach out to one of our pets-perts. We love raw talk.