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Just like us, our pets experience symptoms of aging and as pet paw-rents it’s our responsibility to make sure they get everything they need for a healthier life – diet plays a large role in this.

Bold Benefits of Raw.

When switching their pets to a raw food diet, owners have reported coat and skin improvement, reduced irritation, less digestive upset and an overall healthier pet.

Keeping Your Senior Pet in Ideal Body Condition.

will promote their wellbeing. Senior pets suffer from arthritis and join problems, keeping an eye on their body weight can help reduce strain on muscle and joints. Raw food diets are a great option when it comes to monitory and controlling your pet’s overall health.

Ensure They Are Drinking Enough.

A common concern with senior pets is the amount of water they consume. Without proper hydration, there is a risk that they can become dehydrated, causing other conditions to be further compromised. Our Raw recipes average moisture content is 60-80%, so they can enjoy a Bold flavoured meal while staying hydrated.

Recipes in Their Purest Form.

Some senior pets experience digestive upset as they age. All natural, raw food diets are in their purest form, meaning they are not processed or altered by cooking off nutrients. Raw recipes crafted with wholesome ingredients are easier to digest for your decade old best friend.


Old Dogs. New Raw Recipes.

If you want to transition your senior pet to a raw food diet, we suggest trying our Select Turkey or Mega Turkey formula first. Turkey is one of our leanest proteins, making it an easier protein to digest. We also suggest offering smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day during the transition period.