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If you’ve decided to switch to a raw food diet, then you’re probably in one of two situations:

1. You have a new puppy or kitten and you want to get them started on raw.
2. You  have an older dog or cat, and you want to transition them from kibble to raw.

A raw diet can offer your pet a tastier diet while promoting their wellbeing.



Adult dogs.

If your pet is healthy and has no digestive issues, then you can make an immediate switch. Go directly from a kibble meal to a raw food meal. Then monitor your pet’s weight and digestions to see if changes are necessary.

We recommend that you start with Select Turkey or Mega Turkey as it is our leanest formula and is typically the easiest to digest.

What if my dog won’t eat raw?

Although not very common when offering a raw food diet, some dogs may not take to raw food right away. If you offer your dog a raw meal and they refuse to eat it, we suggest saving that portion until their next scheduled meal and offering it again. If your dog is still refusing to eat the following meal, try mixing in some of their favourite canned food or treats, slowly reducing the amount of canned food/treats until they become accustomed and see the Bold light. For picky eaters, we recommend Bold by Nature select. These raw recipes contain 15% beef tripe. Not only does tripe contain beneficial nutrients, but it is also extremely palatable.


If your pet has digestive issues, we recommend fasting for 24 hours before introducing raw.

Once the fasting period is over, you can switch to an entirely raw food diet. If you are new to raw feeding, we recommend feeding the daily recommend amount in smaller meals throughout the day. For the first week, instead of feeding 2 meals a day, try feeding 3-4 meals.

Adult cats.

If your cat eats canned food, try mixing it with a small portion of raw food. Slowly increase the amount until your cat is eating an exclusively raw diet.
If your cat eats kibble, try offering the raw food on its own. We do not recommend mixing raw food with kibble. Try starting your favourite feline with our Bold by Nature Cat Turkey or Rabbit recipe, as they  contain the lowest fat content and are easy to digest.


Cat posing with Bold by Nature products

What if my cat won’t eat raw?

Not to worry, this is not uncommon. Most cats need a bit of time to make the switch. If your cat does not take to raw right away, mix the raw blend with canned cat food. For example, start with 1/4 raw food and 3/4 canned food. Gradually reduce the  canned food until you are feeding an entirely raw diet. Every cat is different – be patient as this can be a lengthy process.

Puppies and kittens.

Once your puppy and kitten are ready to switch to raw, we suggest a “cold turkey” approach – straight to raw. We suggest offering a small portion to your new best friend, multiple times throughout the day. It’s best to offer smaller, more frequent meals during the transition period, usually 3-4 meals a day is paw-fect.

Feeding a raw diet does more than add flavour to their food bowl. With benefits like healthier skin, shinier coats and smaller poops, you’re going to be Pet Parent of the year.