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Your dog is your best friend, and while creating years of timeless memories with them is fantastic and incredible, it can become more difficult when their older age begins rearing its ugly head.

Health conditions like arthritis are very common in our aging pets, but luckily there are things you can do around your house and dog supplements you can provide to help manage their pain, improve their joint health, and enhance their day-to-day lives. Here, we’re going to show you how to choose the best dog joint supplements for your pet.

Dog running with stick

Why do dogs develop arthritis?

Just like humans, there’s not just one sole reason for dogs developing arthritis or pain in their joints. It stems from a variety of things and your dog’s lifestyle can usually be a major contributor.

One common reason is improper nutrition. Eating poorly and not getting the appropriate vitamins and minerals can promote the early onset of arthritis in your dog. Volhard Dog Nutrition says that a holistic diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulphate can help your four-legged friend’s system delay the effects of arthritis or issues in their joints.

Genetics can also play a major role in the development of arthritis and joint pain in your dog. For example, when you run tests on breeding dogs, this can help rule out things like hereditary hip and elbow dysplasia and prepare you for any future health conditions that your pup may experience. With that said, certain breeds are unfortunately more predisposed to certain joint-related ailments than others. Examples of these breeds include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers and many other large and giant breed dogs. 

It’s also important to keep an eye on dogs with more physically demanding lifestyles. Dogs that are involved in high-impact sports are often prone to injury. Through improper body conditioning and repetitive use, arthritis and problems in the joints can arise.

What kinds of arthritis can dogs get?

Different types of arthritis occur in a similar way, but each one varies with its own kind of complication to dog joints. Here are five common types of arthritis in dogs.


Known as degenerative joint disease (DJD), osteoarthritis occurs when damaged bone regrows around the dog joints, making it more rigid than before. This limits how much a joint can move, causing it to degenerate slowly until it can no longer function properly. Taking dog arthritis supplements can help relieve some of the symptoms a pet may experience.

Hip Dysplasia

A dog’s hips play a crucial part in their life, can easily be overdeveloped or underdeveloped as they age, and may be overworked if they exercise too often at a young age. Luckily, this is the most treatable kind of arthritis with medical and surgical interventions available. We also suggest giving dog hip and joint supplements to any pets experiencing this kind of arthritis. The best dog hip and joint supplements we recommend are Bold by Nature Green Lipped Mussel and Bone, Joint, & Immune Health.

Elbow Dysplasia

This occurs on the front legs and can be diagnosed as early as six to nine months old. Surgeries are available to help relieve symptoms in the joints, but this arthritis will likely worsen over time. Typically large dogs are affected by this kind of arthritis, as their bodies and joints grow rapidly during their puppyhood.

Knee Dysplasia

Just like hip and elbow dysplasia, this happens when knees move up and down in their sockets. This is typically more common in the joints of small, toy, and teacup breeds.

Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)

OCD happens when the joint cartilage begins crystallizing more than normal. When this occurs, cartilage can be torn, leaving the affected joint essentially useless. Large and overweight dogs are more likely to experience this kind of arthritis.

Choosing the right joint supplements for dogs.

When it comes time to decide on which dog arthritis supplements to purchase, we recommend trying one of our Bold by Nature+ Supplements. We offer two dog supplements that support bone and joint growth: Green Lipped Mussel and Bone, Joint, & Immune Health.

Green Lipped Mussel

If you’re looking for one of the best dog supplements for dog joints, look no further. Our Green Lipped Mussel pet supplement is a good source of naturally occurring glucosamine, chondroitin, Omega 3 and beneficial minerals to help support joint health, mobility, and function. Since Omega 3 fatty acids and chondroitin are natural anti-inflammatory nutrients, they are known to reduce pain in the joints of those who suffer from arthritis.

Bone, Joint, and Immune Health

This is another one of our best dog supplements for dog joints. It covers all the bases: bone, joint, and immune health. These dog arthritis supplements contain a number of ingredients that support your pets with arthritis. 

Glucosamine helps to repair joint cartilage and improve synovial fluid (the cushioning within the joint cavity). Improving joint health can slow the development of arthritis and reduce pain and stiffness and pain related to aging.

Chondroitin helps to prevent cartilage from breaking down. Its superior cartilage support reduces joint swelling and joint degradation. It also contains nutrients key to the development of new, healthy cartilage. 

Curcumin, the active ingredient within Turmeric acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Additionally, when coupled with black pepper, the overall absorption of curcumin is improved. 

Lastly, MSM helps control inflammation and improves muscle condition while the Green Lipped Mussels help promote joint flexibility.

How often should I give my dog supplements for arthritis?

We recommend administering Bold by Nature supplements twice a day with food. The same dosage applies to dogs and cats according to the weight ranges in the chart. Mix with a meal or use a syringe to squirt into your pet’s mouth.

If your dog currently eats kibble, consider making the switch to a Bold by Nature raw food diet. Each raw recipe is formulated as nature intended but the benefits of raw dog food go beyond just the essential nutrients they contain. Since all pets are different, how much raw food to feed a dog will all depend on their weight and size. If you’re interested in making the transition, you can discover all raw dog food here.

Please ensure you do not give supplements to animals that are receiving other drugs unless directed by your holistic veterinarian.

Modifying your home.

Along with supplements, there are things you can do around the home to make life a little easier for your dog with arthritis. These easy tips can help alleviate your dog’s pain and anxiety (and will take a little stress off you, too).

Get nonslip rugs.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants a slippery rug, especially not a dog with joint problems. Since they’re easy to slip on and tend to move all over, your dog may develop a fear of them and be hesitant to walk on one in your house. 

With the help of nonslip mats, rugs, and carpets, your dog can move around more freely without being caught off-guard by a nasty slip. By placing them at the base of places they frequent, like stairs, couches, and beds, you can help to decrease dog joint pain.

Orthopedic dog beds.

The lower a dog bed is to the ground, the easier it will be for your dog to get back up after a nap without struggling. Mix that in with an extra comfortable bed and you’re golden! This extra orthopedic support will help ease their joint pain.

Raised feeders.

Rather than having to reach their head down for every bite, raised feeders offer dogs a more comfortable height to eat at, especially for larger breeds. The reduced and unnecessary straining that your dog avoids will give their joints a well-deserved break.

Person walking dog

What else can I do for my dog with arthritis?

Aside from giving your dog Bold by Nature+ Supplements and creating an arthritis-friendly environment at your home, there are a handful of things you can do for your dog.

  • You can seek alternative medicines like chiropractic care, canine massage, and physiotherapy. Professional help can ease your dog’s pain and soothe any discomfort they may regularly experience in their joints.
  • More swimming, less running. Swimming offers a low-impact, high-resistance activity that will help to strengthen muscles and tendons but reduce overall joint strain. Furthermore, water therapy is a common treatment in dogs with arthritis. 
  • Consider taking shorter walks more often and save the long walks and hikes for the weekend. This will give their joints a break during the week.
  • Try stimulating your dog mentally rather than physically. Mental stimulation takes the pressure off the joints and is far more exhausting than physical exercise. Try playing brain games, refresh some of your training fundamentals, or learn a new activity like scent detection. Trust us when we say that your dog will be far more worn out than if it had chased a ball around.
  • If your dog is a chewer, give them a recreational bone. This activity provides them with both physical and mental stimulation and keeps them from chewing on something more valuable in the house.
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Does Bold by Nature offer any other supplements? 

Yes! We offer a variety of natural supplements that add a boost to your pet’s bowl. Our Bold by Nature+ Supplements are a terrific way to improve overall wellness, promote a healthier coat, and more.

Along with our supplements that support joint & bone health, we also offer pet supplements that help digestive health like powdered pumpkin for dogs and more.

Where can I get Bold by Nature products?

You can purchase Bold by Nature+ Supplements and raw pet food online or at your local retailer. If you’re not sure where to buy raw pet food, you can use our location finder to explore retailers near you that carry Bold by Nature products.