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Is my dog susceptible to bacteria?

Dogs have a much higher tolerance to bacteria than humans. Think about all the times that you have seen your dog sticking their nose in dirty things, drinking out of puddles, or eating stuff off the ground! Dogs have three things that help them deal with harmful bacteria:

  • Saliva that contains bacteria-fighting enzymes
  • Highly acidic gastric juices that easily break down bacteria in their stomach
  • A short digestive tract that can quickly process what they eat

Not all raw diets are created equal.

Your dog can handle a certain amount of bacteria without any issue. Any high-quality commercial raw pet food should be no problem, but it’s important to avoid raw pet food that people make cheaply or sell out of their homes. We prevent the growth of bacteria by making sure we manufacture our food very quickly, with great suppliers and our freeze tunnel technology.

Our Bold process to ensure your pet’s safety.

  • Our freeze tunnel technology allows us to freeze the product in 5 mins, compared to our competitors who need 12+ hours. Other raw pet food companies basically put the product in packages and freeze them, which can take a long time, this allows time for bacteria to grow
  • Our entire operation is temperature controlled. From slaughter to transport, to manufacturing, to shipping to our distributor and finally to our retailer. Bacteria needs time, moisture and warmer temperatures to grow. We take away the time and warm temperature, to prevent the growth of bacteria in our products