Breed Boldly.

Our Bold Breeder Program helps to support breeders in promoting a healthier lifestyle through a raw pet food diet. From breeder discounts and free puppy and kitten packs to educational tools to help you raise healthier (and happier) litters, discover the many benefits of breeding boldly.

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The benefits of our Bold Breeder Program.

1. Get our Breeder Discount

We understand that raising a full litter of puppies on raw pet food can be expensive. That’s why we have committed to supporting members of this program with a discount on all Bold by Nature products.

2. Receive our Free Puppy or Kitten Starter Packs

When you join our Breeder Program, every puppy or kitten that leaves your litter will receive a free selection of Bold by Nature raw pet food blends to get them started. You’ll also be supplied with:

  • Educational material on how to feed raw
  • Product literature that can be given to your clients
  • Details on where to find local retailers

3. Raise Healthier Litters

The best reason to join our Bold Breeder Program — raising healthier litters of puppies or kittens! Some of the biggest differences that we noticed when we started a raw diet were:

  • Well-formed stools and much less to clean up
  • Better digestion due to natural probiotics
  • Cleaner teeth due to smooth texture
  • Improved quality of coat and fur due to high Omega-3 content
  • Better appetite from picky eaters

4. Join Our List of Designated Breeders

After joining our Bold Breeder Program, your name and contact information will be added to our website. If people are looking for puppies or kittens raised on Bold by Nature raw pet food, they will be able to find you easily. A Bold stamp of approval.