Slippery Elm with Prebiotics

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Effective and great for your pal’s digestion! Slippery elm promotes and supports a healthy digestive system. Psyllium is a prebiotic fibre that aids in healthy intestinal bacteria which promotes favourable gut flora.

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Understanding supplements can be hard to digest, but we make it easy.

Recommended Dose

The same dosage applies to dogs and cats according to the weight ranges in the chart. 

Mix with water to create a paste 60 mins prior to feeding. Squirt directly into your pets mouth.

Do not use in animals receiving other drugs, unless directed by a veterinarian. Do not use in animals with bowel obstruction or diabetes, unless directed by a veterinarian. 

Ingredients include

Slippery elm powder, psyllium husk

A dose of healthy deliciousness, time and time again.

1 scoop = 2.5g = 1/2 tsp
<10 lbs = 1/2 scoop 60 – 80 lbs = 3 scoops
20 – 40 lbs = 1 scoop >80 lbs = 4+ scoops
40 – 60 lbs = 2 scoops

The Benefits of Bold by Nature+ Supplements

  • Support digestive health, & promotes favourable gut flora
  • Supports joint health, mobility, & function
  • Helps support cognitive function
  • Improves skin health & coat
  • Promotes heart health
  • Supports the function of cardiovascular, nervous, & musculoskeletal systems

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supplements are used for a variety of reasons, each with their own benefits. They can improve overall wellness and assist your pet in different areas of their lives. Learn more about them on our supplements page.

Made with locally sourced ingredients, our new pet health supplements have been formulated to improve overall pet wellness, promote a healthier coat, and more.

Our rule of thumb -- always check with your veterinarian if your pet is on medication. For example, our Slippery Elm can sometimes change how medication is absorbed in the digestive tract. So, it isn’t always recommended for use with some medications. It is also important to note that our Bold by Nature+ Supplements are to be used strictly for supplemental feeding.

Yes, we do not carry separate dog supplements or cat supplements. Our supplements are perfectly safe for your cats and dogs to use and we’re sure they’ll appreciate the extra tastes! Please read directions on label for more information!

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