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Cat looking in litter box

Constipation is just as much a problem for cats as it is for humans, and unfortunately it’s just as common. It’s uncomfortable, can leave them restless, and although an easy fix, constipation can still pose a serious health concern. 

Follow our guide to be aware of the symptoms and explore the cat constipation remedies to help reduce cat constipation.

What is constipation in cats?

Quite simply, constipation in cats is the infrequency, inability, or difficulty to defecate. This could mean your cat is producing hard stools, uncomfortable pellets, or in some cases nothing at all.

Is cat constipation an emergency?

No, it is not. Although it’s not necessarily a long-term problem and can be fixed rather quickly, PetMD says that the longer cat constipation lingers, the higher the chances are of it becoming obstipation or even megacolon.

If you’ve noticed your cat is having problems with the litter box and you aren’t sure what to do, the best option is to have your holistic veterinarian see them as soon as possible.

A kitten standing on its hind legs looking up.

What are cat constipation symptoms?

There are several cat constipation signs, and if you keep a close eye on your furry feline, you should be able to notice them.

Cat constipation symptoms include:

  • Difficulty producing feces
  • More frequent trips to the litter box
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Lethargic and low energy
  • Uninterested in interactions

If you notice these cat constipation signs occurring more and more frequently, it may be time to take your pet to your holistic veterinarian.

What can cause constipation in cats?

From being stressed out to underlying health issues, there are a handful of reasons for your cat to become constipated. Luckily cat constipation treatment and cat constipation remedies are available for the most common causes.

Problems in the litterbox

Just as humans may find it hard to use an unclean bathroom, cats can have problems with their washrooms, too. Maybe it isn’t washed frequently enough, isn’t easy to access, or they associate it with something scary, like the loud sounds of a nearby furnace or washing machine.

In any case, these reasons can lead to constipation, which means it could be time to reconsider the litter box or its location in your home.

No hydration leads to constipation

Constipation in cats can also be a result of them not drinking enough water. They could just be disinterested in drinking water, or there could be underlying health issues such as mouth pain or cat digestive issues that might be worth looking into.

If you’ve ruled out all health concerns, the cat constipation treatment you’re looking for could be sitting in your cat’s water bowl. It’s possible that the water inside could be stagnant or the bowl itself could be too dirty to drink out of. Consider cleaning it out more frequently, getting a bowl made out of other materials, or using a cat water fountain.

A siamese cat with blue eyes against a plain background
A grey and white cat with it's paw on a box.

Intestinal obstruction

Sometimes a cat can swallow a toy or other inedible object. While intestinal blockages can look very similar to regular constipation, ensure we monitor your cat’s playtime, ensuring they do not eat anything not meant as food. This can obstruct its intestines and block any fecal matter from coming out. If you suspect this is the case, take it to your veterinarian immediately.


Cats with hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, and diabetes are all known to experience constipation. If left untreated, these diseases can become very serious.

Insufficient playtime

If you’ve got a lazy cat on your hands or aren’t playing with them enough, all this activity can lead to constipation. It’s best to aim for 10-15 minutes of playtime a day (and even more if you have a kitten). Exercise and activity are key to regular bowel movements, so try to get your cat to play with a cat wand or puzzle toy.

What are obstipation and megacolon?

Obstipation and megacolon are two issues that could arise should your cat’s constipation go on too long.


This will occur when severe constipation makes defecation virtually impossible.


This is a chronic condition that is essentially a huge, stretched, and weakened colon. It can cause devastating consequences to cats as the colon is filled with old, hardened feces.

Cat eating from bowl
Cat eating

What is the best food for cat constipation?

When buying cat food for constipation, you’ll want to look for diets that are rich in naturally occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes. Diets like these provide the best cat constipation remedies, as they help to promote healthy digestive flora and regular bowel movements.

We recommend trying Bold by Nature raw cat food. Each formula is rich in real meat, bone and organ and doesn’t include any unnecessary ingredients or fillers like carbohydrates, corn, wheat or soy. Since cats are obligate carnivores, their systems have difficulty processing these types of ingredients.

Additionally, raw diets are naturally rich in moisture making them much easier to digest and are perfect for cats who don’t get enough water. Still, it’s important to always ensure your cat has access to clean, fresh water. 

While raw is the best food for cat constipation, it’s also the ideal cat food for allergies! Dry foods and kibbles can contain too many ingredients to count, and a raw diet makes it easy to track down an allergen if there is one.

How do I switch my cat’s food?

If you’d like to switch your cat to a raw food diet, there’s no better way than going cold turkey. Our Bold by Nature Turkey for cats is a great way to start your feline on its raw adventure as it’s an easier protein to digest. You can start by combining a protein like turkey with smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day to allow your cat for easier adjustment. Just note that since all pets are different, how much raw food to feed your cat will all depend on its weight and size.

Women holding her beloved cat.

Are there any other Bold by Nature products that can help my cat with constipation?

We suggest offering your cat Bold by Nature+ Pumpkin with Inulin Prebiotic, a supplement that helps to support your cat’s digestive health. It contains an added source of fibre, which helps to soothe digestive tracts and helps to get things moving inside your cat’s body. The added inulin also aids in healthy intestinal bacteria, promoting favourable gut flora along the way.

Where can I get Bold by Nature products?

You can purchase Bold by Nature products, like cat food for constipation, at your local retailer or online. If you’re not sure where to buy raw food for pets, you can use our handy location finder to explore retailers near you that carry Bold by Nature products.

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