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What are the best methods to defrost raw dog food?

We always suggest thawing your raw dog food in the fridge as the best option. To thaw out you will want to choose the appropriate amount of food for your pet and place it in the fridge. Think of grabbing 1-2 feeding portions at a time. Our raw pet food should thaw in about 12-24 hours when placed in the fridge. It’s as easy as thaw, serve and enjoy!

Alternatively, the second option would be to thaw it out in a cold-water bath, and it must be cold. If you’re thawing out in a cold-water bath, simply pull the amount of food needed to feed your pet (remember: 1-2 feeding time portions) and place into a bowl full of cold water. Whether you have an excited dog jumping up for dinner or jewelry that might nick the plastic, ensure that there are no accidental large tears for water to get into the food. Routinely check on your fluffier half’s food and serve when it has been fully thawed.

Can I defrost raw dog food by leaving it out?

If you’re looking on how to defrost raw dog food the safest way, we’d recommend not just leaving it out to thaw. Leaving raw meat out could lead to spoiling especially because it’s not in a controlled cool environment. According to PetMD, leaving raw meat out increases the chances of bacterial growth making it inedible for your pet, especially when your home’s temperature can fluctuate throughout the day.. Think of your own proteins for dinner– you’d never leave raw chicken on the counter on the off chance it spoils.

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Can I defrost raw dog food in the microwave?

If you’re learning more on how to defrost raw dog food, we do not recommend thawing in the microwave. This kind of defrosting process may risk bacteria growth as well as cooking (and we’re raw for a reason). Although our raw recipes are finely ground, microwaving the patties runs the risk of the bone cooking and splintering. Our raw recipes’ ingredients have been carefully sourced and mixed into our formulas based on what nutritional needs your pets have. To keep the integrity of your dog’s raw food, we suggest leaving the microwave alone and letting it thaw out in the fridge instead.

We go through a rigorous process of sourcing ingredients to our formulation process and then our delivery to our Bold retailers in our temperature controlled trucks. We take every safety precaution into consideration to make sure our raw dog food is kept frozen until ready to be enjoyed by your fluffier half.

What if I forget to take raw dog food out the night before?

If you forget to take your dog’s raw food out, we recommend thawing it in cold water. It sounds counterintuitive but thawing your pet’s raw food in cold water will help to speed up the thawing process. For this process, we suggest thawing it until you are able to break the patty apart easily then serve. Help figure out what raw recipes your dog might like with our Product Selector.

Although we recommend thawing out your pet’s raw meals, if you forget to thaw freezer-ready treats like raw meaty bones feel free to give them to your pet directly from the freezer.

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How long can you keep defrosted raw dog food?

Once thawed our products are good in the fridge for 3 days. This timespan ensures our raw dog food is still safe to eat and keeps its fresh flavour. When storing your thawed food in the fridge, you want to keep it in a sealed container for the duration of storing. After the 3-4 days of storing thawed out meat, your pet can become sick from ingesting spoiled raw food. If you suspect your pet has eaten something that has made them sick, immediately take your dog to the vet to be cared for.

Some of the symptoms of food poisoning in a dog look like:
● Vomiting
● Diarrhea
● Seizures
● Elevated body temperature

Following our guidelines on feeding including how to store your dog’s raw pet food and for how long will ensure your fluffier half’s bowl is full of Bold fresh flavour with recipes formulated to help them thrive.