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An allergic reaction is your pet’s increased immune response. It’s important that we help provide digestive support to our pets who suffer from dietary allergies.


Keep It Simple.

Some traditional kibble and canned diets can contain upwards of 30 ingredients: everything from multiple meat sources, carbohydrates, preservatives and flavourings. If your furry friend is negatively reacting to an ingredient in their diet, it can be difficult to narrow down the culprit of the allergen. Our raw food recipes are simple, consisting of only meat, bone, organs and in some recipes, a small inclusion of low glycemic vegetables.


Mega Pure.

Our Bold by Nature Pure Duck and Pure Pork recipes are single ingredient formulas and novel from other raw brands. Unique and single ingredient diets are the ultimate choice for pets suffering from food-based allergens.


Gut Health Is Key.

Help support your pet’s digestive system with green beef tripe. It’s an excellent source of naturally occurring probiotics and digestive enzymes resulting in healthier and happier tummies.


Beat the Yeast.

Ear infections and itchy paws affect many dogs and cats, with yeast as a top offender. Traditional pet foods often contain high glycemic carbohydrates like wheat, corn, soy, rice and even potatoes. These high sugar carbohydrates feed yeast, which can often cause ear infections and itchy paws. If your pet is suffering from yeast related sensitivities, do your best to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible and stick to low glycemic vegetables whenever you can.

Allergies can be a rocky road to travel but focusing on their diet benefits their overall wellbeing. Every pet is different and it’s important to seek the assistance of your license veterinarian.