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Summer means hotter days, longer walks and more time outside with our favourite four-legged friends. From picnics in the park to road trips to the cottage, and every hot day in between, take Bold flavour with you and keep your pet safe.

Beat the Heat.

Limit time outdoors if the weather is super hot. We might love to get our sweat on but the (shiny) fluffy coats of our dogs could amplify the heat. If you’re uncomfortable outside, chances are your pets are too. Try doing shorter walks throughout the day, and longer walks in the evening when its cooler. When you return from your walk help your pet cool down with a frozen treat that’s nutritious and delicious.


Bold on The Road.

Raw feeding isn’t just the tastier option, it’s the convenient one too. Your pet’s fave raw recipes will thaw in approximately 12 hours. That’s plenty of time to pack the cooler, jump in the car and head cottage-country bound with your pet(s).  Our patties are conveniently packaged in packs of two, saving on freezer(and cooler) space.