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Various Bold by Nature raw pet food packaging ; Bold by Nature Cat chicken, Bold by Nature Mega Beef, Bold by Nature Mega duck, Bold by Nature Mega variety pack, Bold by Nature Select pork

Our name and look have changed but our commitment to crafting raw pet food recipes to help your pet thrive naturally hasn’t. We’ve been Bold from the beginning; with recipes full of wholesome ingredients and no added fillers, we’re one of the leading raw pet food brands in Canada. A Bold claim but we can prove it.

Human Grade Ingredients

All of our raw pet food formulas are made with ingredients you could find in your fridge or the grocery store. Pet food is real food after all.


Transparency is important to us. We carefully track all every ingredient so you (and your pet) can trust the food dish is full of premium ingredients.


All of our patties are made with real ingredients. We leave the filler for your
stuffed chew toys.


All of our patties are prepared in our state of the art facility located in Erin, ON.

Bold Raw is now Bold by Nature Select

Bold Raw is now Bold by Nature Select. The same line you know full of meat, ground bone, beneficial organs and our signature  green beef tripe.

Mega Dog Raw is now Bold by Nature Mega

Mega Dog Raw is now Bold by Nature Mega. Our Mega line is full of meat, ground bone, organs, fresh vegetables and kelp. This affordable line is perfect for large breeds and multiple dogs at home.

Bold Raw for cats is now Bold by Nature Cat

Bold Raw for Cats is now Bold by Nature Cats. Our cat blends still offer your felines a diet modelled after a natural prey diet; the purr-fect mix of meat, organs and ground bone.

We are your raw source and can help with any questions or support on you and your pet’s new (or years) long journey with a raw diet. Dig in.



The Raw Scoop on Bold by Nature

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