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As one of the most popular supplements on earth, fish oil has been benefiting people for well over a century. Better yet, fish oils are not only are they great for humans, but their nutritional value provides a world of advantages for our four-legged friends, too.

Whether it’s healthier skin or anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil supplements for dogs shouldn’t be ignored. Follow along as we help you understand all of the wonderful fish oil benefits for dogs.

Is fish oil good for dogs?

Before we get into all of the amazing benefits, let’s kick this off with a refresher so you can fully understand what fish oil supplements are and why they’re good for dogs.

Fish like trout, sardines, and salmon provide us with essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 which are advantageous to our health. Salmon oil supplement for dogs is especially beneficial as they contain two types of omega-3 fatty acids: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

These omega-3s are so significant because although your dog’s body can create them naturally, it’s actually quite an inefficient process. With that said, that’s where fish oils come. We provide our pups with a diet full of these fatty acids so they can thrive and their body doesn’t need to work as hard.

According to Dutch, it is very important to note that there are different types of fish oil supplements, and some are more concentrated than others. While we recommend giving your pet fish oil for dogs, it is still generally safe to give them human fish oil supplements too. That said, you should speak to your holistic veterinarian to be safe before giving your dog any fish oil that wasn’t initially intended for them.

Where do fish oils come from?

Now that you know what fish oils are, you’re probably wondering how we get them. Fish oil is found within the tissues of an abundance of underwater animals, such as krill, sardines, and salmon. Of all these ocean-dwelling creatures, salmon contains the highest levels of nutrients which are all beneficial for great health and a wholesome lifestyle for your dog, so consider giving your dog this fish oil if you can.

Anchovy, sardine and mackerel are also commonly found in fish oil for dogs, as they are all lower in mercury compared to some other fish.

Fish oil benefits for dogs.

As one of the most popular supplements for pets, fish oil is a great addition to your dog’s diet. Not only will your dog crave the taste and fishy smell, but it’ll provide them with a number of great health benefits. Let’s get into all of the benefits of fish oil for dogs below!

A happy heart is a healthy one.

Fish oils like salmon support strong cardiovascular health, meaning its beneficial to dogs that experience any sort of cardiovascular condition or heart disease.

Omega-3 in fish oil for dogs can help their heart beat at a more regular rate, which results in lowering the risk of atrial fibrillation, or the fluttering of the heart’s rhythm.

For our bigger fur buddies, fish oil supplements are also thought to lower triglyceride levels. These are a type of fat that the body creates when it has leftover calories it doesn’t immediately use. Since fish oils like salmon are an anti-coagulant and a natural anti-inflammatory, they can help manage dogs with heart disease and assist cholesterol levels.

Dog in field
Dog and human

Greater skin and coat management.

We’ve all experienced dry or flaky skin at some point and our pets can get it, too. When dogs’ allergies flare up, their skin can get irritated, resulting in some scratching and itching. One of the best benefits of fish oil for dogs can help reduce cytokines, which are the stimulators of inflammation.

While fish oils help your dog’s skin, you can also give the brush a break as it also promotes the growth of a shinier and smoother coat.

Fish oil works a job on the joints.

Fish oil for dogs can help relieve some swelling and pain caused by arthritis. Fish oil does a great job supporting mobility in our pets in pain by slowing prostaglandin production which worsens joint pain. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties found in salmon and other fish oil can helps your dog move more freely with a better range of motion.

The EPA in fish oil for dogs helps to reduce inflammation by inhibiting the hormones that are known to start inflammation and thus pain caused by arthritis or joint problems.

Energy levels on the rise.

A boost for the brain.

We all know dogs are smart, so let’s keep those doggy noggins nice and sharp! The DHA found in fish oils helps to aid in the brain development of growing puppies and can help to improve cognitive function in aging dogs.

How often should my dog have fish oil?

We recommend giving your dog fish oil once a day, but exactly how much fish oil for dogs per day will depend on their weight. Our Bold by Nature+ Wild Salmon and Ocean Fish supplement comes with an easy-to-use pump, so you can dish out the perfect dose every time. Refer to this guide for help!

Fish oil dosage guide.

  • 15 pounds or less = 1 pump of fish oil
  • 16 to 25 pounds = 2 pumps of fish oil
  • 25 to 50 pounds = 4 pumps of fish oil
  • 50 to 100 pounds = 6 pumps of fish oil
  • Over 100 pounds = 8 pumps of fish oil

If your dog is currently on a dry food diet, consider making the switch to Bold by Nature real raw pet food and adding our Wild Salmon and Ocean Fish supplement at mealtime. Each raw recipe is formulated as nature intended, but the benefits of raw dog food go beyond just the essential nutrients they contain. Just remember that since all pets are different, how much raw food to feed a dog will all depend on its weight and size.

How else can I add omega-3 to my dog’s diet?

Aside from adding fish oils to your dog’s diet, you can also give them Bold by Nature raw fish toppers for dogs and cats. Our fish toppers are worthy of a good tail wag and are packed with nutrients that are essential to your dog’s good health.

Some pet parents choose to feed their dogs whole fish instead of fish oil. According to the American Heart Association, this can provide even more additional nutrients. We still recommend using fish oils, as it is more efficient and less expensive.

Dog eating

Does Bold by Nature offer any other supplements? 

Yes! Along with our fish oil, we offer an assortment of natural supplements that add a boost to your pet’s bowl. Our Bold by Nature+ Supplements are a great addition to your pet’s diet and can help improve overall wellness, promote better digestion, and more.

Where can I get Bold by Nature products?

You can conveniently purchase Bold by Nature products like our fish oil online or at your local retailer. If you’re not sure where to buy raw pet food, you can use our location finder to explore retailers near you that carry Bold by Nature products, like all raw dog food, raw bones, and more.

If you have any further questions about our Bold by Nature supplements or would request information like the benefits of raw bones for dogs, please feel free to contact us!