The Works Butcher’s Box

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This Butcher’s Box features five cuts of meat to choose from, all formulated with our premium recipes. In this box you will get a variety from Select Chicken, Select Beef, Select Turkey, Select Duck and Select Pork.

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How to Serve The Works Butcher's Box

  • Keep food frozen. When ready, thaw the necessary portion in the fridge. Patties will thaw in 12 hours (approx.).
  • Store all unused portions in the fridge. Raw food should be used within 4 days.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Handle all raw meat with appropriate care and hygiene. Wash all surfaces, bowls and utensils with hot, soapy water.
  • DO NOT COOK. Contains ground bone.


  • 12 lbs of 8oz patties

The Cuts

  • 8 Select Chicken Patties
  • 4 Select Beef Patties
  • 4 Select Turkey Patties
  • 4 Select Duck Patties
  • 4 Select Pork Patties 

Select Chicken Ingredients

Chicken meat, chicken bone, beef tripe, chicken liver & kelp.

Select Beef Ingredients

Beef meat, beef bone, beef tripe, beef heart, beef liver, beef spleen & kelp.

Select Turkey Ingredients

Turkey meat, turkey bone, beef tripe, turkey liver & kelp.

Select Duck Ingredients

Duck meat, duck bone, beef tripe, duck liver & kelp.

Select Pork Ingredients

Pork meat, pork bone, beef tripe, pork liver & kelp.

Select Chicken

Protein (Min.) 14% 
Fat (Min.) 13 %
Fibre (Max)  1.29% 
Moisture (Max) 66% 
Calories per Patty 429

Select Beef 

Protein (Min.) 17 % 
Fat (Min.) 7.1 %
Fibre (Max)  3.5% 
Moisture (Max) 74% 
Calories per Patty  542

Select Turkey

Protein (Min.) 13% 
Fat (Min.) 3%
Fibre (Max)  2% 
Moisture (Max) 80% 
Calories per Patty 292

Select Duck

Protein (Min.) 14 % 
Fat (Min.) 19 %
Fibre (Max)  2.39% 
Moisture  (Max) 62% 
Calories per Patty 402

Select Pork

Protein (Min.) 20.7 % 
Fat (Min.) 15.67%
Fibre (Max)  7.52% 
Moisture  (Max) 61.24% 
Calories per Patty 488

Why Raw?

We believe pet food should be food. Our recipes are designed to model the natural prey diet that cats and dogs would have eaten in the wild; full of meats and fresh veggies that are made without added processes and are unproblematic to their digestive systems.

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  • Improved cognitive function
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Shinier coat
  • Healthier skin
  • Smaller stool

Recommended daily feeding guidelines.


Feed them according to their estimated adult weight.

Senior Dogs

Feed 25% less than recommended.

Overweight or Underweight Dogs

Feed the amount according to their ideal target weight.

Not for human consumption. Do not cook. Contains ground bone.

Weight of adult dog # of patties per day Pounds per day
10 – 20 0.5 – 1 0.25 – 0.5
20 – 30 1 – 1.5 0.5 – 0.75
30 – 40 1.5 – 2 0.75 – 1
40 – 50 2 – 2.5 1 – 1.25
50 – 60 2.5 – 3 1.25 – 1.5
60 – 70 3 – 3.5 1.5 – 1.75
70 -80 3.5 – 4 1.75 – 2
80 – 100 4 + 2 +

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