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Can dogs get salmonella from raw chicken?

Can dogs get salmonella from raw chicken– yes, just like humans, dogs can contract it. This being said, it’s a little less likely and here’s why: dogs have a much higher tolerance to bacteria than humans. You’ve seen your dog eat garbage off the floor or get their noses where they shouldn’t be and although it’s naughty behaviour here’s how our fluffier half’s biological makeup keeps them safer than humans. 

Dogs have three characteristics of their biological makeup that help them deal with harmful bacteria:

1. Saliva that contains bacteria-fighting enzymes.
2. Highly acidic gastric juices that easily break down bacteria in their stomach.
3. A short digestive tract that is able to quickly process what they eat.

Although salmonella is possible for dogs to contract with raw food, our bigger concern are the humans! Raw dog food is still very safe for your pet to ingest, especially when coming from a trusted and reputable source. When handling raw meat it’s important to keep yourself and your dog safe by taking the proper precautions such as washing all utensils and bowls  that come into contact with raw food as well as your hands or simply learning how long raw food can sit out for.

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The cause of salmonella in dogs.

Bacteria are all around us which means dogs can contract salmonella in many different situations. In most cases dogs that are exposed to salmonella is through instances of other animals’ stool, since it is in their ancestral DNA to eat pack members’ poop. Only In some cases are dogs exposed to salmonella in their diet.

We have said it before, and we will say it again, not all pet food is created equally. Here at Bold by Nature, we take food safety very seriously. We follow a strict food safety program (HACCP) to monitor and help reduce the risk of pathogens. reduce the risk from pathogens. All our meats are sourced from government-inspected, certified facilities that pass safety standards required for human consumption (but we suggest leaving it for Fido’s food bowl instead).

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Each finished recipe must pass strict quality control protocols before shipping. On top of our strict protocols, we are the only raw pet food company to use a freezing technology that flash freezes our patties to help reduce the risk of bacteria all while keeping the Bold fresh taste your dog considers drool-worthy. To keep your dog from getting sick in your kitchen, read up on how to safely defrost our raw recipes or find their next raw recipe full of Bold flavour here.

What are the symptoms of salmonella in dogs?

The most common symptom is diarrhea that has a mucus-like consistency, and may contain blood. According to Dr. Jo de Klerk, diarrhea isn’t the only symptom, you can also look for:

   Lethargic behaviour
  Decreased appetite
  Stomach cramps

Dogs rarely contract salmonella from raw dog food, especially when coming from reputable brands or handled safely. If your dog is showing symptoms of salmonella, take them to your vet to be cared for.

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How to test for salmonella in dogs.

Our main question has been answered– can dogs get salmonella from raw chicken–  technically yes. Your next worry as an owner would be to figure out how your four-legged best friend is going to get a diagnosis. Our answer is, your vet. According to Wag!, if you think your dog has salmonella, a fecal sample will be tested by your veterinarian as well as a physical to have a confirmed diagnosis. 

If you suspect your dog may have a salmonella infection, it’s vital your dog sees a veterinarian to be tested and cared for. Salmonella can heavily affect your dog’s immune system, especially those on medication. Your veterinarian will most likely run tests on your dog and ask you a series of questions pertaining to what your dog may have ingested or what they have come in contact with. In more severe cases of a salmonella infection, your vet may also take blood from your dog.

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Is salmonella in dogs treatable?

Can dogs get salmonella from raw chicken? Yes. Is salmonella in dogs treatable, also yes! Visiting your veterinarian as soon as you suspect your dog may have contracted salmonella is key. Left untreated and especially for dogs who have a compromised immune system, salmonella can cause serious concerns within your pet’s health. When diagnosed with salmonella poisoning, most dogs are treated with a round of antibiotics or in some more severe cases, dogs may have to be hospitalized and require fluids to prevent dehydration.