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Border Collie Holding a Raw Chicken Bone.
A medium size brown and white dog eating from a white and blue dog bowl.

Are raw chicken bones safe for your dog?

Let’s jump right into it! Yes, raw chicken bones are safe for dogs but there are a few things to keep in mind when feeding. Always ensure that you are supervising when feeding a whole bone. Dogs tend to get excited when they’re given a bone and can be quick to chew or tear it apart. Being present helps avoid any physical problems that may occur, like choking. 

It is also important to avoid feeding your pet cooked bones. When cooked, chicken bones become very brittle and can splinter easily. This could potentially cause internal damage to the trachea, stomach, or esophagus if your dog ingests the small pieces.

How are raw chicken bones good for dogs?

Raw chicken bones are good for dogs as they are a significant part of any raw food diet. Raw bones are rich in nutrients and provide your pup with calcium and phosphorus: two large contributors to an optimal raw food diet. According to pet nutrition enthusiast Krystn Janisse, dogs require calcium for more than just bone structure. It is also needed for blood coagulation, and muscle contraction and also has a significant effect on heart function.


Dog eating Raw Chicken Bones.
Dog thinking with tips exclamation mark.

Tips when feeding raw chicken bones to your dog.

First things first, and we can’t stress this enough, always be nearby when feeding your dog a raw chicken bone. Close supervision when offering your dog any type of raw bone helps avoid problems like choking or ingesting small shards. This includes raw meaty bones (RMBs), like chicken necks and chicken feet. 

According to Lindsay Stordahl of That Mutt, there are two factors to consider when deciding which raw bones to feed your dog: the size and your dog’s chewing style. It should be big enough that your dog can’t swallow it whole. 

You obviously know your pet best, but it’s not uncommon for a dog to develop possessive habits with something they love, like a delicious raw bone. We always recommend seeking the advice of a professional trainer if your dog begins experiencing any concerning behaviors while enjoying one of their favorite treats.

Another thing to note is that our formulas include ground bone. This means they don’t require as much chewing, and therefore not as much supervision either.


How much, and how often, should you feed raw chicken bones to your dog?

We typically recommend between 10-15% bone in a pet’s meal. Every dog is different, and since some dogs have trouble digesting bone, they may have better success with a lower bone percentage. Luckily, 10% is normally the standard across the board. 

When feeding a raw food diet, it is important to include bone in every meal to help balance out the minerals and nutrients. They are a great source of calcium, which benefits bone structure and helps firm up a dog’s stool, too. Be careful with the amount you feed though, as there’s a fine line! If you do not feed enough bone, you may find your dog has loose stool, but if you feed too much, your dog could become constipated. 


Small dog eating from orange bowl
Dog standing on books

A healthy diet meets a healthy mind.

Aside from providing nutritional benefits, a raw chicken bone also helps stimulate your dog’s mind. Just like us, dogs are susceptible to boredom and a raw bone is a great way for them to use their brain and have fun. If you’re looking for other ways to keep your dog’s mind moving, feel free to read Fun brain games for dogs.


Good health. Great smile.

Raw chicken bones are also good for your dog because they help increase oral hygiene! Better oral hygiene means better overall wellness and longevity in our pets. A raw bone, like raw chicken feet or a raw chicken neck, has been the natural way for dogs to keep their teeth strong and healthy for years. When they chew a bone, they are also preventing plaque build-up. It’s the easiest way to keep their gums nice and healthy.

Dog having teeth examined by vet
Bold by Nature chicken necks

What kind of raw chicken bones for dogs does Bold by Nature carry?

Bold by Nature carries an assortment of different raw bones for pets including raw chicken feet and raw chicken necks. While these tasty treats are both equally great options for your pet to enjoy, we also carry raw turkey necks, tripesicles, and raw beef bones.

If you came to this page wondering “Are raw chicken bones good for dogs?”, we hope you found some info to chew on! Although they are teeming with benefits, we wanted to reiterate the importance of supervising your dog when feeding a raw chicken bone or any bone for that matter. For puppies, seniors, and dogs with dental health issues, it may be a good idea to check with your holistic veterinarian to determine which bone is best for your pup.

To discover more about what makes raw bones so great, check out The Benefits of Raw Bones for dogs.